Prototype boxes (or mock ups) serve as high-end marketing pieces to help clients increase product sales during trade shows and retail buyer meetings.  Prototypes are not needed every day, but when they are, allow us to be your trusted resource.


What Are Prototypes?


Why Prototypes?

As good as or better than production line boxes and displays. Our high-end materials will ensure your boxes look great.


Outstanding Quality

Our prototype boxes may actually cost less than producing them yourself in house, but with superior results. 

Cost Effective

We are able to produce most sample boxes in 5-7 business days or less. Finished and delivered on time for that important meeting or trade show.

Quick Turnaround

Produce prototype boxes during any phase of

the package design process to evaluate the effectiveness of your packaging and product.

Streamlines Design Process

Prototypes allow your company to pre sell product without the expense of manufacturing and warehousing product that might not sell.

Pre-Sell New Products

Supercharge your sales by showing your company's prepared and can quickly react to potential selling situations.

Effective Marketing Tool


*Each photo is an actual prototype box with no retouching.

Envy Prototypes

About Us

Envy Prototypes, a division of Envy Media Company, Inc.

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Envy Prototypes is a leading supplier of prototype boxes in the United States and Canada.  Our clients include many of the largest North American brands, retail chains, advertising agencies, and independent design firms. 


Our mission is to supply each and every client with quality prototype boxes that are as good as or better than production line boxes in a timely manner.  We understand that prototype boxes are critical during the marketing and selling process - so we give each and every project our full attention and we stand behind our work.  Your success is our success!


Experience the Envy difference today.